05 Nov

What’s the most important thing about organizing a corporate event? The venue of course! The venue is perhaps the most important aspect of an event because it has the ability to either ‘wow’ the attendees or leave them bored.  Very few suit the corporate event that has been arranged within their walls.

Amidst the huge pile of work on your work desk, looking for corporate event venues may be the last thing on your mind. Hire an event management company to do your job for you. Event management companies today provide a wide range of services from concept creation and venue sourcing to entertainment and décor. Hire an expert in corporate events Dubai and watch as they work to impress your guests!

corporate event venues

Whether it’s an expert doing the job or yourself, here are a few proven tips for management of corporate event venues: 

1- Design A Brief! 

Before you set out to look for the perfect venue for your corporate event, it is important that you sit down with company representatives and prepare a brief. The brief should be clear and mainly contain information about your goals and what the requirements of your vents are, the capacity that you would need, your budget, and any other services that you’d like to have (disability ramps etc.)

The idea behind the brief is to convey your requirements to the venue representatives clearly. You don’t want to end up wasting both your time and theirs. The brief can also be used as an RFP and a price quote, which is why you need to be very careful when chalking out your brief.

2- Choose Unique Corporate Event Venues

Chances are, you’ve been looking thorough the albums of old events held by the organization just to get ideas. DON’T!  Think outside the box when choosing corporate event venues. Keep in mind that a venue that has worked well in the past, may let you down!  Look for unusual venues! Give attendees something to remember you by.

3- Request A Single Point Of Contact 

For a successful and more constructive collaboration between yourself and venue representatives, it is important that you ask for a single point of contact. Email replies and phone calls from the same venue but different people is not only confusing, it is frustrating too! Request a single point of contact from each venue that you find up to your mark.

4- Be Their Partner! 

Cultivate the same type of relationship with your venue representatives as you would want them to, your dealings with them should display how much you value and appreciate their will to work with you. If they’re going out of the way to assist you and to prepare proposals, ensure that you read the documents thoroughly so you don’t need to ask questions they’ve already mentioned the answers to.

5- Visit Sites With Checklists In Hand!

Once the initial search for the corporate event venues is over and you’ve shortlisted a few options, prepare a list of questions that you want to ask these venues related to the services, props, catering, other services that they could provide. Visit each of the venues and inquire about all things mentioned on your list.

6- Tell Them It’s Urgent!

Companies love competition! So when you visit venues, let them know about any other companies that you have on hold or about any time constraints you need to work with. Most companies in their eagerness to please come up with competitive proposals and probably better rates.

7- Go For A Written Agreement

Don’t rely on verbal agreements even the most well reputed representatives come up with. Ensure that you have everything on paper along with any inclusions that both parties may have agreed on.


Though some people might ignore the importance of venue selection when organizing events, it remains one of the most important aspects that also goes on to affect subsequent decisions like décor, layout etc.

By opting for a well reputed, renowned company that specializes in corporate events Dubai and not only are you investing in a memorable, entertaining event but you can also avail numerous other services that they offer!

Not only does it save you the hassle associated with event organization but you also get to have everyone’s appreciation!

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