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Catered events are fantastic to reach out to new people, but these can be complex because they require a lot of planning. Because when you are planning a catered event, multiple factors need to be determined for a successful event and if you want to host something unique without the boring traditional chicken menu and soft drinks.

Food is an essential part of an event that can enhance your guest's experience and make memorable impressions. Good food is what makes us go to a restaurant again, and the same goes for events. If you offer delicious and presentable food to your guests at events, then they will definitely come back for more and look forward to attending your next event.

Tips on Planning Excellent Catering for your Events

Here are our top 7 simple and easy tips that will help you plan an excellent catering for your next event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and they will want to be a part of all your next events. 

Understand Your Guest List 

The first step of remarkable catering starts from your guest list. Catering choices depend upon the type f event and guests that are invited – for example; it can be a wedding reception with private guests or a large professional business event. Hence, knowing the type of event is crucial for successful catering. Your guests might be tired of attending the same types of events with the same old traditional food.

In order to stand out, make sure to understand the preferences of your guests in terms of their cuisine choice. But, for that, you would need their general profile. For example, for a kid's birthday party, you would need to provide finger food that can easily be consumed by kids and avoid gravy and soups that might create a huge mess.

Offer Alternative Menus

After thoroughly analyzing your guest list and deciding on the type of event that you want to hold, the next step is to tailor your catering according to your guests and offer options. Consider offering multiple appetizers, buffet, and beverages to ensure that all guests can enjoy their meals. For example, offer your guests more than two choices for both vegetarians and meat lovers.

You also need to incorporate picky eaters, guests with special dietary needs, and health-conscious guests, so make sure to include multiple salad dressings with healthy options like olive and sesame oil. It will show that you care about your guests and their food preferences. You can also consult event companies in Abu Dhabi to craft your menu in such a way as to please all the guests and keep costs to a minimum.

Plan Your Serving Style 

"Timing is everything" when it comes to events. Timing is crucial when it comes to catered events. Why? Because it is crucial to choose the type of catering style and menu that best suits your event timing and your guests. Some of the most popular options that you can choose from, including the following:

  • Buffet
  • Platter
  • Tray Serving

You can go set up multiple self-service stations on your venue and go with buffet-style catering. Or you can have a platter system where meals are served at the table just like at weddings and charity events. Another option is tray serving, but it requires a lot of servers to serve food to your guests. The buffet system is the most economical option and allows flexibility and choice to the guests where they can choose their own meals.

Select a Theme

The next important thing is to select a theme for your event and then plan catering according to it. Pick a theme according to your guests, the idea behind the event, and venue. For example, for casual events and public gatherings, you can opt for a live outdoor BBQ during good and warm weather. For more formal events, you can add a touch of luxury and cater delicate and more refined food.

After selecting the theme, you need to come up with a signature dish for your event. It should be something unique that your guests will love to post on social media, and you will have free marketing.

Ensure Appropriate Seating  

Another most important thing that will affect your catering is the layout of the venue or seating plan. You need to have an appropriate seating arrangement and layout that supports your catering objectives and meals. For example, if you are going with tray serving, then you need to ensure there is plenty of space for servers to move around without disturbing your guests.

Similarly, for the buffet, make sure the serving table is away from the seating area, so when people gather around the buffet area, there is no congestion. You can opt for round, rectangular or U-shaped tables that can match your catering styles. 

Go Fresh!

If you want a unique event catering, then you need to think about what you are putting on the table. Healthy, green, and fresh food is very trendy these days, so give people something fresh in your next event. Therefore, while you are selecting your menu, make sure to go local and opt for seasonal dishes and beverages. For example, hit the local markets and choose fresh produce for unique, seasonal dishes.

Another key factor that needs your consideration is the location of your event and its popular items. For example, instead of choosing traditional menus, cater to your event with any international cuisine, and create something different and new for your guests. Some popular cuisines for event venues include Asian, Chinese, Mexican, French, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, etc. With these options, you can have a versatile catering for your events.

Hire Catering Services

If you don't want to do all these things and want to simplify things for yourself, then you can also consult event companies in Abu Dhabi and hire a good and reputable catering service for your event. Any good caterer is flexible and creative and can incorporate any last-minute changes in the event plan. Finding a reliable caterer for your event can be a huge task and require a lot of your energy, but these event companies have resources and can introduce you to a good catering service providers.

When hiring a caterer, make sure that they can offer your services and cater to all your event needs, especially special event needs that come with the theme of your event. For example, if your event theme is Gold, then you would need to customize your drinks and food accordingly for a whole experience. In such cases, your caterer should be able to provide you customized food according to your event theme.

Cater Your Events Like a Pro!

Now you know these simple catering tips that will help you create extraordinary events with lasting impressions on your guests. Catering is more than just about tasty food; it is about presentation and making your guests feel comfortable at your event. Follow these tips for successful event catering, and you are sure to have a fantastic event that your guests will love to be a part of and remember the experience for a long time. If you find it overwhelming, then don't forget to reach out for help and get the benefit of professional event planners. 

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