08 May

Book signings were always thought of as boring events, where the author recites a few lines from their books, and the attendees applaud the work and hurry on to getting their books signed.  This is what most movies showed anyway!

But even the smallest book signing event has numerous people working together to organize and manage it. In recent years the UAE has seen numerous Emirati authors, regardless of the type of book. Although the material and content of the book is important, its launch and book signing holds a lot of importance too.

The event works as marketing for the book and spreads it out into the world for people to read. To organize a successful book signing event, use the ideas given below and opt for the best event companies in Abu Dhabi to help you out. The article highlights important tips to create a memorable book signing event.

How to organize a book signing event 

From the choice of the venue to the RSVP management, organizing an event can be extremely stressful. However, an event with the meticulous organization can excite even the most boring of crowds. Use the tips below to organize a book signing that's not only error-free, it exciting and perfect according to the assigned budget:

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Choose the right venue

  • The  choice of the final venue for the book signing could depend on numerous things:
  • The budget allocated for the event
  • The theme of the book
  • The number of people attending

  Usually, book signings are conducted within the confines of a book store that are hoping to sell the author's books, but this may not always be the case. To create unique effects opt for a theme that complements the book. For example if your story-line revolves around the Burj-al-Arab, and Jumeirah, opt for a book signing venue close by.

Get the right people to come

Book signings are usually very private events, but it doesn't always have to be this way. With social media being used for inviting more and more attendees to events, the right audience may sometimes be ignored. Opt for in-person invitations and RSVP, for the "special audience" and ensure that the RSVP management is error free, as it affects other arrangements for the event. 

Other than the RSVP it's also essential to mention the mode of payment that will be acceptable at the book signing. This information is important and should be included as essential information on he invitations.

Decide on the right layout

Once the attendees have confirmed their presence, and there is a list of attendees, it’s time to get the right seating inside the venue. Depending on the mood you're looking for, opt for a rather casual, haphazard seating including ottomans, cushions and rugs or go completely formal and opt for straight back chairs for the guests to sit on.

Depending on the budget and the theme of the book opt for decorative items to be set up around the bookstore, to create an ambiance that speaks of the book.

Arrange giveaways

Whether its customized bookmarks with the reader's name on the front or any extra books that you plan on giving to some of the guests, organize a giveaway basket. The excitement of the event usually leaves giveaways ignored.

Send out thank you cards

Once the event is over, it’s important to send them to thank you cards for attending the event. In addition, it's essential to send out a thank you card to all the entities that helped organize an event. This is essential because it helps foster better relationships that can be banked upon later in life.

Singing off!

Book signings are perhaps the calmest events, however, that doesn't categorize them as unimportant. The organization and management requires professional input. Opt for the services of event companies in Abu Dhabi to help out with an error-free and meticulously planned book signing in the UAE! With an exquisitely designed event, and your book is sure to break all literary records!

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