07 Mar

All employers love the most gifted, most hardworking employees of their workforce who contribute in great amounts to the wellbeing and success of the company. They deserve all the rewards in the world! What another way to reward them than by organizing an incentive trip for them. And what places to send them to other than around the UAE, the highest rated tourist destination!

With its 5-star hotel accommodation, the presence of numerous cuisines, the enthralling tourist attractions, Dubai has a lot to offer for people of all ages, which is why an incentive trip to the city will be memorable for the complete workforce.

If you’ve never had to organize incentive travel before and you’re a complete event planning novice, opt for experienced event companies in Dubai to help you out with immaculate management and organization of the event!

From venue sourcing to the step by step management of the complete trip, you have a complete set of solutions when you choose the best companies to do the job. The article below highlights the important aspects of planning such an event.

How to organize an incentive travel trip

There’s nothing better than being rewarded for the amount of hard work you’ve implemented in your workplace. Let your employees feel valued and appreciated by organizing a thoughtful incentive trip for them. It also provides something to motivate the other employees in your team. Read below to know how it's done!

Set event goal

The first thing to do is to clarify the goals of the retreat. If your boss is sponsoring the whole event, talk to them about the reason behind the retreat. Is it strictly professional and employee growth? Or is it a fun retreat for the employees to relax and enjoy!

Determine budget

Once you're well aware of the aim for the event, it’s time to allot a budget to it. A budget is important for other essential activities, such as the venues and food arrangements.

Inquire about preferences

Since incentive trip retreats are about employees, list what each guest would prefer in terms of cuisine, drinks, living, entertainment etc. It's important to know these things in detail before you set out for the trip. Landing at the venue to realize you're allergic to seafood and that’s all on offer is going to be a big problem!

Know who’s coming

 Once you know everyone’s preferences it’s time to draw up a list of the attendees attending the event. Your list should have three sections “attending”, “Maybe”, “not attending”. This should give you an idea about the tentative number of bookings required because people in the “maybe” section could go either way.

Stay close to the action

If your plan consists of a cruise for your employees, your accommodation should be close to the shore. No one would like to travel a few hours to get to the cruise ship.  Not even the most patient employees! Opt for convenient accommodation.


The best corporate events take the most meticulous planning, organization and management to become the talk of the town. Since corporate events speak more than words about how much you value your employees, it becomes essential that the whole organization and management of the event say the same!

If you want to treat the top performers in your organization to an incentive trip, hire experts to do the job for you. Opt for event companies in Dubai and let the experts show love to your most valued employees! With an enthralling event for employees, all your employees will surely want to be titled     “employee of the month”.

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