07 May

Organizing a conference event causes severe anxiety and nervousness to the authorities, as they have to ensure that the respected attendees learn something valuable and do not declare their participation a waste of time. As learning is the sole agenda of such highlight formal settings, unconference events are gaining more popularity which promotes learning while staying informal. 

What is an Unconference?

 An unconference is the opposite of a conference event in terms of formal, hierarchal, and structure-based organization. The unconference events are organized to promote freestyle discussion and learning among the top tiers of the particular sector or industry. There are no hard and fast rules besides the promotion of learning. Keep scrolling down this article to learn how you can perfectly organize an unconference event and provide a learning atmosphere to the attendees. 

Top 8 Tips to Set Up an Unconference Event Professionally

 Organizing a conference event requires extensive planning and preparation of months. On the other hand, just because a formal style is missing in the unconference events, it does not mean that you do not need to pay attention to its planning. It requires even more professional expertise to make the unconference events successful and productive. Here are some of the basic tips you can follow to set up an unconference event professionally. 

Adopt Unstructured Agenda

 The first tip to set up a perfect unconference event is to adopt an unstructured agenda. In the case of this type of event, you do not need to stick to a specific agenda; still, you need to have a purpose and mission which will make the event successful. All of this needs professional brainstorming for which the organizers hire event companies in Abu Dhabi and let the experts set up the perfect event. 

Pick the Perfect Venue

 The next tip to organize a successful unconference event is to pick the perfect venue. The conference events have a particular setup that requires specific seating arrangements. However, in the case of an unconference event, it is not essential as such events do not require proper seating. Due to the freestyle, you still need to ensure a spacious setting, which should be considered while selecting the venue. 

Include the Right People

 The next tip to ensure the successful organization of an unconference event is to include the right people in the event. Just like the conference events, the unconference events are also for the educated and industry-specific people. The general public might learn a thing or two from the experts; however, the interference in the event can disrupt the learning process, so be particular about your attendees. 

Implement Two Feet Rule

 One of the key tips that can ensure the success of unconference events is implementing the two feet rule. In this type of event, various meeting groups and tables are set up at brief distances from each other. According to this rule, if the participants of a group are not learning something from the discussion, they can move two feet to learn more. You can make this easy for the participants by ensuring proper arrangement and awareness. 

Break Formal Presentations

 Another key tip to make the unconference events successful is breaking the formal presentation style. This type of presentation puts too much pressure on the speaker and adds stiffness to the atmosphere. You can keep the atmosphere light, friendly, and fun by breaking down the formal presentation into mutual discussions. 

Keep an Open Atmosphere

 Another important idea or tip to ensure the success of unconference events is keeping an open atmosphere in the event. It means that you should not put restrictions on the attendees in terms of conduct. You can let them explore any topic of discussion until and unless it supports the greater cause of professional learning. 

Ensure Proper Communication

 Another critical tip to ensure the perfect organization of unconference events is ensuring proper communication. You can provide a clue to the attendees to continue their discussion sessions; however, you have to ensure that they get equal and proper opportunities of contributing to the discussion. All of this impossible without proper floor planning, navigation, and communication channel, so be sure to put all the efforts into making that smooth. 

Leave Room for Experimentation

 Lastly, the most effective tip that can ensure the success of the unconference event is leaving room for experimentation. Do not try to execute the event according to your meeting minutes, but let the attendees unfold it in the way they find it suitable. However, you must hire event companies in Abu Dhabi to take care of the basic arrangements and issues when things start going haywire. 

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