26 Feb

Sometimes, experienced event planners can get nervous while planning a high profile corporate meeting. Although there is a good reward if you succeed, if you don’t you will be answerable to your clients. The biggest challenge here is getting things done accurately.

From planning to execution, you can’t even make a small mistake. Since most clients demand perfection. So you can’t take chance to risk your hard work and reputation (as an event organizer).

And things can get more complicated if you are in Dubai where business owners from around the world plan and organize their corporate events. Before making a leap, look for a reputed company having experience in organizing corporate events Dubai to ensure the success of your high profile event.

planning a corporate meeting

Mistakes To Avoid While Planning a Corporate Meeting

Making mistakes is fine but not correcting them is not fair. This principle is applicable for everyone particularly, the event organizers.  If you are up for planning a corporate meeting, make sure to be attentive. Here are some of the most common mistakes organizers make while planning their events.

Mistake 1: Not Asking Questions You Are Not Sure About 

Your client sent you a mail about the total number of guests. Now you are confused about the word ‘guest’. Does that include everyone in the meeting/only outsiders/only insiders or all? You keep thinking about it but avoid asking your client. Or your client asked you to make sure refreshment includes three items and you did not inquire names of those items etcetera.

Don’t leave even the slightest gap for mistakes. If there is a question, ask them. Keep your communication medium smooth and clear. Don’t leave any gaps that can create any issues for you later.

Mistake 2: Not Discussing Budget With Team

This can be another big mistake. As a planner, plan out a budget and share it with your team. If they are aware of the event budget, they will be in a better position to plan accordingly.

For instance, one of your team members gets the responsibility of menu selection, the other gets the task to arrange and decorate the venue and the third one gets the job of security arrangements. Without budget allocation, chances are they can either over or under-use the company finances. Understand your team needs to carry out different responsibilities and without a budget, they won’t be able to perform their duties well.

Mistake 3: Too Many Cooks Can Spoil the Broth

This is very true. If all your team members are doing the same thing, chances are things will not happen as desired. Choose your team members carefully. Assign them job responsibilities according to their skills and capacities. This comes under mismanagement.

Mistake 4: Winding Up Too Early

Most high profile meetings take a day to finish. If you are a planner, make sure you don’t pump your brakes too early. While you were showing courtesy and etiquettes before and during the meeting, you should also show the same niceness in the end. This shows your unprofessional behavior. Don’t rush to say goodbye to your guests and the clients. This can make them unhappy.

Final Word

Organizing an event is difficult and the challenge increases if it is about planning a corporate meeting. A small mistake can spoil all the hard work. Miscommunication, and mismanagement and showing unprofessional behavior are some of these mistakes. To ensure success, choose a reputed company that organizes corporate events Dubai to prevent all the issues and keep the host happy.

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