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Every event is unique, hence has different requirements. But there are some aspects which are common to almost every high-costing event. Most expenses come from similar sources. While planning an event, some unanticipated costs can arise as well. Such costs may become a cause of worry for an event planner.

How to plan a cost-effective event:

Budgeting is a very important part of event planning. It enables you to deal with expected as well as unexpected expenses. There are some things you can compromise on, and there are others with which you carve your way smartly by spending as little as possible like event companies in Dubai are doing now. Following are a few tips:

Tips for cutting down on event planning expenses

Book the venue as early as possible

When you conceive the idea of an event, try to book a suitable venue as early possible. When you pre-book a venue months before an event, you are more likely to get it on lesser rates. You might even end up getting a discount.

Reduce printing costs 

It’s better not to get too caught up with printing pamphlets, colored graphics for various purposes including handouts, signage, direct mail, and replace them with digital alternatives. In the twenty-first century, wedding invites are carried out over Whatsapp.

Similarly, event invites and advertisements can be carried out using online platforms. Event companies in Dubai are earning more and spending less by adopting this strategy. Companies in other countries should follow suit.

Automate what you can with technology

Automating the parts of event planning which have economic alternatives is a trick good event planners are aware of. It helps you save money and requires lesser human effort. Some common tools for automation for marketing include Toneden, Boostable and Radario. Using these tools can help improve productivity and optimize progress.

Build local partnerships: 

Work directly with your sponsors. Give ideas and incentives. Show them greater ROI swap services to save money.

Ticket pricing must be adequate

Most event companies cover the planning costs by charging high ticket prices. If you think your event is worth attending and will appeal to masses, go ahead and charge enough for them to cover your costs. Do check if there’s room for high-priced VIP ticket option? Opt for selling urgent tickets at higher prices. Incentivization is the key.

Hire an experienced planner:

While a planning company will charge a fee, the professional event planner will handle every little thing with full responsibility and save you from a lot of problems and reduce the risk of mismanagement.


Know the areas where you can compromise. Find out areas which audience notices the most. Work smartly. It needs brainstorming on the part of organizers, but it is not impossible to reduce costs by a big percentage.

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