03 Apr

On balmy summer evenings, when everything turns golden due to the setting sun, cool breeze starts to blow and Emiratis come out of their homes – sipping cold drinks with colleagues and entertaining corporate clients in al fresco party is an enchanting idea.

Dubai residents love to enjoy events. When it comes to corporate parties, people show more interest as these parties can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. It’s because it gives a chance for employees to mingle with each other.

Also, hosting great official parties can also result in new deals and more publicity. Once again, summer is around the corner. It is the time of the year when corporates, businesses, and many Emiratis like to plan outdoor events to enjoy the cool breeze and have fun in the outdoors.

So, if you are one of those planning a summer event for your officials, opt for the best corporate events Dubai based services to make sure its success. Professional event planners know all the tricks of the trade to entice your high-profile corporate clients.

Al fresco party

Did you know expert event planners manage everything – from venue arrangement to RVSP for their clients? Read on for professional tips for throwing a hit al fresco corporate event.

Tips to Organize Al Fresco Party

Alfresco literally means ‘in the open’, so al fresco parties are those that happen in the outside. Golden sunlight, lush green lawn, and the smell of flowers is a great idea to please your guests. You need you to keep many things to throw a super hit al fresco party, here are your tips.

Go Floral

Eating in the open air around sweet-scented flowers and vines is the main idea behind al fresco parties. So, choose your favorite flora for decorations. Adorn your tables with fresh flowers and set up the entrance of your venue with bright flowers to welcome your guests.

Pro Tip: Order floral-themed crockery and table cloths to match it with the theme of the party. You can also choose floral dress code for your guests.

Use Fairy Lights

You should arrange for lights to turn them on after the summer sun sets. Therefore, what you can do to retain the ambiance of your theme is to use fairy lights. They look pretty and go perfect with the floral theme.

Pro tip: Adorn fairy lights on the trees and plants. And use outdoor lanterns on the pathways and tea-lights near the seating area. This trick will help you to create a romantic environment for your al fresco party. 

Order Colorful Platters

The sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the menu. From Asian cuisine to Italian, you can pick whatever you love to eat. However, the best idea to match your menu with the al fresco theme is to include colorful dishes in your party.

For instance, you can order colorful salads, colorful drinks and yummy desserts. Go for platters because they offer a variety in one big plate.

Talk to Professional Planners

No matter, the event is big or small, talking to the professional planners can help to organize it more systematically. It becomes critical when it comes to arranging parties for corporates. The reason is companies don’t want to afford mismanagement in front of their clients.

Thus, if you are a business owner, hire the best corporate events Dubai based services for throwing a memorable al fresco for your officials.


Summer evenings in Dubai make perfect settings for throwing dinner parties and al fresco events. If you are planning to arrange an event, use creative ideas to make it a hit.

For instance, decorate your venue with colorful flowers, set floral dress code for women, and create the picture-perfect ambiance with fairy lights. Don’t forget to take the professional’s advice to make the al fresco party a hit!

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