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Virtual events have become the new normal in this advanced but challenged era. They are surely benefiting the international community interested in joining community-specific events. For example, people in other parts of the world had to give up on joining events arranged in the United Arab Emirates due to traveling issues. Through virtual setup, they cannot only join now but interact with other attendees too. The excitement of international communities towards local events have made the organizers nervous and anxious. They are more concerned about all the arrangements and ensuring the provision of quality information and entertainment to attendees. The biggest hurdle, as well as opportunity in the process, is an effective virtual event platform that can serve as the substitute of even venue. Dig deeper into this article to know how you can pick a perfect virtual event platform. 

Top 8 Features Virtual Event Platforms Should Essentially Have

 While organizing an event, people pay the most attention to their venue. However, in the case of virtual events, there is no need for a physical venue. Still, a virtual platform is required to communicate the proceedings of the event with the attendees. The event organizers forget to pay attention to the details of the platform, which impacts the success of their event. Here are the top features your virtual event platform should essentially have to provide a quality and engaging experience to attendees.                                                                                                         


 Automation is the basic requirement every person or organization should look for in the virtual event platforms. The platform should support automated changes to save time, effort and extra cost. Most organizers are not aware of the technical details of such platforms and rely on the support of the best experiential event agency in Dubai to organize a memorable event. 


 Customization is another crucial feature your virtual event platform should essentially have. The customization feature is essential to change or optimize the platform according to your brand vision, image and strategy. It is the element that can help you create brand awareness among the attendees. Do not compromise over this until you want to give up on creating brand awareness. 

Live Video Streaming

 At times, the virtual evens are live, while at other times, they are recorded. The excitement and response of attendees towards live virtual events are higher as compared to the recorded events. Organizing a live virtual event requires more detailed planning as well as taking care of technical details. You can accomplish this by ensuring the inclusion of the live video streaming feature in your platform. 

Event Management

 Event management is equally important in the case of physical, virtual and even hybrid events. It is crucial to tend to the small details and take care of all the various aspects of the event to provide an engaging, interesting and quality experience to the attendees. So, make sure your virtual event platform supports the event management feature to ensure a successful organization. 

Social Media Integration

 Social media has become an important part of the life of the general public. So, if you want to reach out to the general public, you can easily do this through the use of social media. Your virtual event platform should support the feature of social media integration, so you can expand your reach to the target audience and arrange interesting activities that require the use of social media. 

Access to Different Space Types

 One of the key features your virtual event platform should essentially include is access to a different type of space. In the case of onsite events, the venue for the conference, trade shows, gala dinners etc., varies. The same concept applies to virtual event spaces. Your virtual event platform should support the space according to the type of your event to maximize audience engagement. 

Live Troubleshooting

 Problems and issues can arise at any time and at any place. The onsite, as well as virtual events, are not safe from issues. Instead of panicking and making the situation worse, you need to handle the issue professionally. A live troubleshooting feature in the virtual event platform can save you from all the trouble by fixing issues on its own without causing any delay or additional issues. 

Feedback Management

 Lastly, the most critical feature your virtual event platform should provide is feedback management. It helps the authorities analyze the event attendance, manage surveys, feedback and other analytical features of the event. You can also hire professionals from an experiential event agency in Dubai to monitor and manage your event feedback, as well as improve it in the future if your platform does not support feedback management. 

Pick your virtual platform wisely for a successful event!

Securing the success of virtual events is more challenging as compared to the onsite events. The loss of physical and direct connection can give rise to numerous issues. However, all of these issues can be tackled professionally by the inclusion of a perfect virtual event platform. Besides, you can get professional organizers on board to create a memorable experience for your attendees.

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